A new TotalTrip. By Netactica

The ideal way to make prepaid hotel reservations for more than 200,000 properties from various wholesalers from around the world, with guaranteed commission, right from within Sabre Red.
Available now for free from the Sabre Red App Centre or by logging in to our website.

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Totally Redesigned

Netactica was the company behind the technology that powered TotalTrip since its very beginnings. Using the original Sabre solution as a starting point, Netactica has created a new, improved and simplified hotel booking experience for travel agencies in Latin America.

TotalTrip by Netactica continues to offer 10% guaranteed commission, the ability to make partial payments with multiple credit cards, confirm a reservation without payment, as well as the ability to add fees or discounts to each reservation.

It continues to offer access to a wide range of competitive fares from more than 200,000 properties, with content from Expedia Affiliate Network, HotelBeds, Tourico, HotelDo and more.

TotalTrip by Netactica now also offers the ability for all agencies to operate with a current account, via the addition of the new Prepaid Account feature.

TotalTrip Redesigned

Available in the Sabre Red App Centre

When you download the App from the Sabre Red App Center you get access to all of TotalTrip by Netacticas content directly from your workspace with our integrated login feature.

Via the App, all purchases can be added as passive segments to any open PNR in your current Sabre Red Workspace session. The app will also even add accounting lines to the PNR for simpler back office integration.

or access TotalTrip by Netactica via our website

TotalTrip RedApp

Totally Transparent

With TotalTrip by Netactica you can see the balance and status of your account at any time.

Now it is easy to see your current available credit as well as all the historic movements of your account for each billing cycle. With our new exportable commissions report you can quickly see and reconcile all your earned commissions as well as project future commissions.

TotalTrip Account

Search hotels by location with MapView

The map view allows agencies to quickly find and compare hotels near a certain location or within a particular area.

With this view you can easily locate hotels on a map while browsing through the list of hotels ordered by price or rating and filtered based on amenities, rating, area or property type.

TotalTrip MapView

Why TotalTrip By Netactica?

Unified Content

Unified content from Expedia Affiliate Network, HotelBeds, Tourico, HotelDo & more.

Guaranteed Commission

A guaranteed 10% commission for all purchases.

Inside Sabre Red

Add hotels as passive segments to any open PNR & integrate to your backoffice with Accounting Lines.

Key Features

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Upsell opportunities


Confirm and pay later

Payment pending

Pay with multiple credit cards

Split payments

Add a service fee or discount

Markup or Discount

Generate segments in a PNR

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Commissions Report


A new TotalTrip.
By Netactica

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